Buon Giorno Italian Bakery

Buon Giorno Italian Bakery

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Italian Bakery proudly serving Durham area since 1990. A family-run business with pasta, fresh breads, pizza, pasta, gelatos, hot table, deli, frozen meals & imported
Italian Grocery.

251 Consumers Rd, Suite#1200, Toronto, ON, Canada, M2J 4R3
+1 (905) 683 4150


Buon Giorno is an italian bakery house that’s been serving the durham region for over 30 years. And it’s in those 30 years that a community of crab lovers and appreciators of the traditional italian cuisine has been formed we trust our fans for sticking by with us through all kinds of times, through all kinds of generation. And we trust and that they trust us to keep delivering them the quality baked goods they’ve being enjoying and sharing with their loved ones even to this day.

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